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Avaunt Magazine Feature

Delighted for my Street Fight series to be featured in the beautifully designed Avaunt Magazine, Issue 3.

“This ‘David and Goliath’ bout was nothing short of extraordinary and unforgettable. No glitz, no glamour, just pain and passion. This is street fighting in Bukom, Ghana, a small, poor fishing village renowned for its remarkable ability to produce World Champion Boxers. Fighting has always been revered and embedded in their culture, arguments are simply settled with a fight. Photographing inside the ‘ring’ dictated a completely different approach compared to my normal slow, meditative, large-format portraiture. There’s nothing quite like having two rampaging boxers wielding battered, heavy, leather gloves, inches from your lens to make you ‘float like a butterfly’. Be under no illusion, these fights are for real; the thwack of the punches still echo in my memory.”